OCTOBER 2013 - Stacey Raven Photography

20 OCTOBER 2013


It's that time again. That period between the busy summer when weddings are in full swing and the flowers and trees are perfect for those lifestyle portraits, and the busy pre-Christmas period when there's a rush for family portraits for Christmas gifts. In fact, it's so busy I don't even have time to add some good grammar to that last sentence. But you get my point: it's a busy time of year.

I've been at some local wedding fayres so a big hello to everyone I have met these past few weekends at St Johns, the Heart of England and Brandon Hall. A particular hello to all the beautiful brides, and their lucky other halves who were dragged along to get some inspiration for their big day. It was lovely speaking to every single one of you - so many different, unique people. It's that diversity which makes this job such a fascinating one. I look forward to working with some of you next year. For now, I hope to see you again at St Mary's Guildhall on 3 November, along with many others. 

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