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I am a contemporary wedding, lifestyle, and event photographer working throughout the midlands, Warwickshire and beyond.I live in Coventry with my wonderful, ever-supportive wife, Catherine; my beautiful sons, Jake - who was extremely premature (but look at him now, the little monkey!) and Sebastian - who is famous in Denmark after appearing in a photography magazine wrapped up snug in my camera bag; and Poppy, the extremely miserable cat - she's not famous anywhere because she just sits on the sofa all day.

I am a law graduate with an LL.B (Hons) degree - and worked in law for twelve years, where my natural eye for detail and pursuit of perfection were put to excellent use.

OK, I'll be honest - there's no cliche that photography was a childhood passion and I always loved taking photos. I admit it - I only ever had a passing interest until I wanted good camera to document a trip to Cuba. But, from then on I was pretty much obsessive in taking that camera everywhere - it took a brutal bashing on a journey around the world: from South America, through the USA, China to Australia and New Zealand, and almost every European country in-between.

In the meantime I learnt more about the science behind the art of photography by gaining a diploma (distinction) in photography, and it was shortly after this that I married my two passions - photography and people - and ventured into portraits.

From there I fine-tuned my creativity and vision through many training courses, most notably with Aspire CPT and the Blackthorn School.

1. I love to shop at All Saints...

I would shop there all day if I wasn't busy shooting your wedding.

2. I love to travel, to see the world off the beaten track...

I have a goal to visit every European country and I am about 95% of the way there. If you are having your wedding in Slovenia, Romania or Macedonia I've love to hear from you! My European travels have largely entailed a car and an off the tourist trail adventure of some sort - all with my camera, of course.

The most interesting place I've visited: the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and the nearby abandoned city of Pripyat in Ukraine.

My favourite places...

For culture: Cuba. For scenery: Iceland and Bolivia. For history: Bosnia and Berlin. For sitting around doing little except drinking coffee: Copenhagen. For street life: China. For quaint little mountain villages: Alpine France. For beautiful chill-out cities: Spain. For mountain roads: the Pyrenees. For country roads: Sweden. For spending a very, very long time in: New Zealand.

Strangest place photographed: The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania.

3. My strange photography passion: old facades...

When I have the time.

4. In my spare time I love to keep fit...

I need to, so I can run around for 10 hours every Saturday during summer weddings. I run (often, but not far - except once when I thought it was a good idea to run the Equinox 24 and managed 50k before my knees told me to stop) and I get blasted at a boot camp 4 times a week.

5. I once broke my shoulder falling off a motorbike 1 hour and 12 miles after passing my test...

I no longer ride.

My family | The place where I got married, the beautiful island of Santorini | Editing to my favourite band, Placebo | The late, great David Bowie | Criminal Minds - it's on the TV | Spaghetti bolognese | Token geek item: documentaries on mega-engineering projects | Driving across mountains | My Leather Jacket. From All Saints, where else? |  Being on water.                                                                                                                                                                               


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